The Fairoils team has many years experience in the farming and establishment of essential oils crops, especially in Africa. Fairoils’ Operations Director, Wayne Barratt is from a Zimbabwean farming family and has extensive experience with farming and the challenges it brings in Africa. Company Director, Campbell Walter, has also worked on the ground, helping establish grower projects in remote locations in India and Africa and together Wayne and Campbell, along with an expert team, bring a broad knowledge base and experience level.


Fairoils plans to vertically integrate its operation from the ground up. Recently, Fairoils has embarked on its own commercial project - acquiring a prime 110hectare farm on the Kenyan south coast, close to the Tanzanian border. Fairoils is currently in the process of establishing its infrastructure on this site and planting is scheduled for April 2017. This plantation will be fully irrigated from two local rivers, and a 2-hectare storage dam has been built to feed a 50-hectare center pivot. The property is located close to the equator at sea level and with rich fertile soils, Fairoils’ has the ability to produce crops all year round in these ideal conditions. A demonstration block has also been established to trial crops for the small-scale farming community which surrounds this farm. The demonstration block will be also be used to educate farmers on new crops which will be introduced including Eucalyptus radiata, Eucalyptus citriodora, Tea Tree and Ginger.


This farm will all be supported by a central processing facility on-site which will process all the raw material produced within a group, as well as the biomass produced on Fairoils’ own commercial farm.


This is the first stage in Fairoils farming enterprise, with new blocks of land already being identified to expand future farming capacity. Clients are welcome to discuss their needs for oil requirements which, can be considered for further planning stages.

Lunga Lunga Map outline & centre pivot location