Mara Project

Western Kenya

Through the Mara project, Fairoils creates sustainable jobs and provides reliable income in underdeveloped areas.

Our partnership with the Enonkishu Conservancy helps local communities improve livestock management and conserve the area’s biodiversity.

The Mara project is located in Western Kenya, upriver of Masai Mara National Reserve and Serengeti National Park.

The region is of global conservation significance and great economic importance. The Mara River and its tributaries sustain the livelihood of all people and wildlife living in its basin. With good annual rainfall, the landscape is rich, fertile and incredibly beautiful, providing essential resources for some of the largest, most diverse wildlife populations in Africa.

But the Mara is under increasing pressure from human activity, including unsustainable agriculture, deforestation and habitat degradation, water pollution and the overexploitation of water resources.

The remote location means there is a lack of infrastructure in the region’s local communities. Many of the farmers are accustomed to working with livestock and unfamiliar with crop farming techniques. Seasonal flooding also proves a challenge for local communities.

Local goals

Fairoils aims to help Mara residents balance conservation with sustainable agricultural practices. By growing crops for essential oils, herdspeople can access an alternative income stream.

We also aim to improve the interface between humans and wildlife in this region. Our initiatives respect the centuries-old tradition of the Maasai herdspeople while ensuring local wildlife and habitat is protected.

Fairoils’ approach

In the Mara region, Fairoils is working with farmers to establish hardy, woody crops that grazing animals are unlikely to tread on. These crops are chosen carefully to ensure that stock and wildlife can roam freely through farmland, without the need for fencing.

Fairoils has established a demonstration plot, where Maasai herdspeople can learn how to prepare their land for cropping. We’ve also built two commercial processing facilities in the region.

Fairoils has a large commercial farm which is also used for training and demonstration.

We’re proud to support the local conservancy program led by Enonkishu. The program balances the needs of people, wildlife and livestock. It helps farmers learn how to manage interactions with wildlife and conserve biodiversity.

Working in partnership with the local community, Enonkishu also supports education, healthcare, water management and enterprise development.


small-scale farmers

This early-stage project is developing and growing.


of farmers are female

This growing industry creates opportunities for women to participate.


acres of land being farmed

Helping rural farmers grow new crops and develop vital skills to gain a valuable second income from their land.


field officers

Field officers provide agricultural education and support.


different crops grown

Tea tree
Eucalyptus citriodora
Lemon tea tree

Community impact

Fairoils is the largest private donor to the Enonkishu Trust.

The Enonkishu Conservancy is a demonstration site for sustainable rangeland management. The conservancy works with partners to protect, nurture and increase biodiversity in the Mara.

Working with Enonkishu, we have transformed overgrazed and barren areas into thriving rangeland. We’ve helped provide a safe and secure habitat for endangered and vulnerable species such as wild dogs, elephants, lions and cheetahs.

The conservancy gives landowners increased revenue per acre through diversified income, including improved and well-managed livestock and ecotourism conservation fees.

Funding from the Enonkishu Trust goes towards the Emarti Water Project, ensuring communities have access to clean water. The provision of clean water reduces the time spent collecting water, and improves health and school attendance numbers. The trust also supports local schools in Ermarti Village.

Grown at this location

Tea tree
Melaleuca alternifolia
Eucalyptus citriodora
Eucalytpus citriodora

Building Communities

Partner with us to ensure farmers and workers receive a fair price for their produce and labour.