Nosy Be Project

Madagascar North

Fairoils is proudly working with one of our major clients to foster an ethical, alternative ylang ylang supply chain.

In partnership with harvesters and buyers, we’ve created an ethical supply chain and established essential health facilities for the Nosy Be community.

The Nosy Be project is located on the picturesque island of Nosy Be, just 8kms off the northwest coast of Madagascar.

Meaning ‘big island’ in the local Malagasy dialect, Nosy Be is also known as the perfume island. It shares a microclimate with the northern tip of Madagascar, experiencing year-round sunshine and daytime highs that rarely dip below 20°C (68F), perfect for the cultivation of the ylang ylang.

Formed by volcanic activity, Nosy Be is forested and its soils are rich. There are numerous craters and crater lakes. Due to the island’s remote location, there is a lack of services and medical care, and logistical challenges for transport and freight.

The trade of ylang ylang is vital to the economy of Nosy Be. It’s estimated that half of the island’s population directly benefits from the production of ylang ylang essential oil. However, many small-scale Malagasy farmers are often forced to sell their flowers below market value.

High and fluctuating demand, coupled with climatic constraints, makes the ylang ylang trade market volatile. Local supply of the flowers is often over or under buyer needs, placing stress on growers.

Local goals

Fairoils aims to stabilise ylang ylang supply and flower prices for farmers in Nosy Be.

As reliable, consistent buyers, we give farmers the ability to plan ahead and manage the inconsistencies of ylang flowering with greater ease. We’re also improving living standards, ensuring residents can access vital medical services.

Fairoils’ approach

In Nosy Be, we work with small-scale Malagasy farmers who own their own land, rather than large commercial plantations. In cooperative groups, these farmers supply us with their freshly harvested flowers from each day’s morning harvest.

For more than ten years, we’ve worked closely with our major partner in Nosy Be. Our partner owns the processing distillery in Nosy Be and oversees production.

Working together, we’ve been able to influence the supply chain significantly, making meaningful change to the daily lives of thousands of people.


small-scale farmers

Many farmers’ families are involved in the daily harvesting.


of farmers are female

This growing industry creates opportunities for women to participate.


acres of land being farmed

Helping rural farmers grow new crops and develop vital skills to gain a valuable second income from their land.


field officers

Field officers provide agricultural education and support.


different crops grown

Ylang Ylang

Community impact

One of the biggest concerns for our farmers and distillers living on Nosy Be is access to local health care. At Fairoils, we were determined to address this challenge.

With the help of one of our major clients, Fairoils has established a medical clinic and dispensary on the island. The clinic employs two doctors and several nurse practitioners to provide medical care and subsidised medicines. It is also a place where pregnant women can give birth on the island, rather than travel by boat to the mainland.

To bring health care to all our farming communities, we’ve also set up a mobile medical team to travel between villages and treat minor medical issues. We’ve also purchased a vehicle dedicated to transporting sick and injured people to the only hospital on the island. These vital medical services save lives and prevent minor injuries and illness from becoming serious.

Grown at this location

Ylang ylang
Cananga odorata

Building Communities

Partner with us to ensure farmers and workers receive a fair price for their produce and labour.