Cinnamon bark

Cinnamomum zeylanicum

An instantly recognisable aroma, cinnamon is one of the most commonly-used spices with an extensive list of uses. Cinnamon bark itself has been traded as a spice for over 4,000 years and is considered one of the oldest and most valuable of all spices – with a wide variety of use as both flavour and a fragrance.

Cinnamon is a small tropical tree native to Sri Lanka and Indonesia, but now grows widely in tropical regions around the world, including East Africa and Madagascar. Cinnamon bark oil is distilled from the crushed and dried bark which has been carefully stripped from the tree.

Fairoils grows cinnamon bark at two locations: one around Mananjary in the south east of Madagascar, and the other one in the Usambara mountains of northern Tanzania – both from small-scale farming groups.

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Cinnamon Production and extraction

The cinnamon tree belongs to the Lauraceae family and though it can grow to roughly 10-15 metres in height, our farmers keep the tree lower in height for easier harvesting. The most superior and highly-prized cinnamon variety is zeylanicum, which Fairoils’ produces.

Fairoils harvests cinnamon bark every two years. This involves the tree being cut down to ground level and all woody matter (branches & trunks) collected. The bark is stripped from this material after the tree has been coppiced and quickly regrows to be harvested again.

Fairoils has two projects; one around Mananjary in the south east of Madagascar, and the other in the Usambara mountains of northern Tanzania, close to the Kenyan boarder. Our cinnamon bark comes exclusively from small-scale farmers in these areas. We provide a vital alternative income stream for farmers other than solely to the fickle spice industry (which is the dominant market for the bark).

Cinnamon Bark Oil is rich in Cinnamaldehyde, Cinnamyl acetate and Eugenol acetate. Three key oils are produced from different parts of the cinnamon tree – bark, leaf and root. Each oil has a different primary constituent: cinnamaldehyde (in the bark oil), eugenol (in the leaf oil), and camphor (in the root-bark oil). Cinnamon bark is the most commonly used for high-grade cosmetic use for its aroma and chemical profile.

Fairoils produces around 4 metric tonnes of Cinnamon bark per year – supplied in 5kg, 25kg & 180kg drums.
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