Fairoils is very proud of the grower projects it has established. These projects are a core part of Fairoils’ business and a well-run project creates a good outcome for all parties involved. Fairoils' grower projects enable small-scale farmers to grow on a larger scale by sharing knowledge, skills, and equipment to reach an otherwise inaccessible market. These projects are a fantastic way of encouraging communities to form strong bonds and create a long-term industry they can call their own. 

Fairoils strongly believes that an excellent support structure is the best way of establishing a successful project, which will last well into the future. This is done with fair, negotiated prices, skilled field officers, education for farmers and community funds for health and education resources.

A Fairoils' project =

- A fair negotiated price (with a safety net) and annual third-party audits

- Skilled agronomists to ensure growing conditions are best matched to specific crops

- Appointed field officers to visit projects and provide assistance

- Education for farmers on best horticultural practices with new crops

- Community funds with a democratic structure & management to allocate to local resources such as health and education

KENYAN COAST - Lunga Lunga
Hugging the Indian ocean on the south coast of Kenya is a province called Kwale. Fairoils has established a large-scale outgrower project here which will create a whole new industry for this region, improving the lives of many small-scale farmers and their families. The project involves over 450 farmers  with the primary crops as ginger, tea tree and eucalyptus citriodora, and will also include vetiver and lemongrass as the project matures. 

Fairoils has established a grower project in the Kenyan highlands - an ideal location right on the equator with lush, fertile soils, long daylight hours and the perfect altitude for an extended production season. Fairoils works with avocado and macadamia farmers in co-operative structures to source their reject crops not wanted by the food export market (providing a valuable second income stream). These raw materials are sent to Fairoils' factory prior to being processed and quality controlled for the cosmetic sector. Fairoils produces huge quantities of these oils of these oils making it one of the largest cosmetic oil suppliers in Africa. This project is certified Fair for Life by IMO.
MADAGASCAR - Fairoils Madagascar 
Fairoils' Madagascan project is a unique combination of both commercial plantations and a local farming co-operative. The primary crop is ylang-ylang but black pepper, cinnamon, clove and ginger oils are also produced on the island which is well-known for its excellent spice oils. Fairoils has its own sourcing company based here as well as a warehouse for product produced in Madagascar.  A full-time resident doctor is employed to travel around these communities, supporting health officers based in the various farming villages. Fairoils' goal is to establish a permanent maternity and health clinic on the island in the coming future.
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MOUNT KENYA -  Nanuku Project
Mount Kenya is a fantastic project involving a few hundred subsistence farmers who have enthusiastically taken to growing essential oil crops over the years to supplement their income. The high altitude and long daylight hours  are ideal for growing a variety of crops and Fairoils is currently helping the farmers add rose geranium, rosemary, oregano and cypress oils to their income stream and of course, skill set. The project continues to rapidly grow and by the year 2020 Fairoils hopes to see the number of farmers at over 2,000 - creating a bigger impact on the local highland communities. This project is certified with IMO.