Fairoils is a leader in ethically-produced cosmetic oils, processing  raw materials grown on its own plantations and through partnerships with small-scale farming co-operatives. Fairoils has put together a dynamic team across three continents, with a combined level of vertically-integrated experience in the natural cosmetic raw material area. Fairoils has its main production based in Kenya and works throughout Eastern and Southern Africa (including Madagascar) as well as with projects in The Balkans. This is all supported by a head office and storage facility in Belgium, along with expert sales people in France, Germany, Belgium and Australia (see map below).

Campbell Walter
Managing Director

Campbell Walter has been involved in organic and ethical cosmetic oil projects for over 18 years and has a solid reputation within the industry as an expert in his field. Campbell has hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of all aspects of cosmetic oils - from farming and production, through to sales and marketing and is excited to use this experience to grow Fairoils into a market leader.

Wayne Barratt
Director - Operations

Born and raised in Africa, Wayne is from a farming family and has many years experience in both farming and managing large teams of people.  Wayne is 'on the ground' for Fairoils in Africa, overseeing farming operations and production. Wayne imparts his knowledge and skill to ensure best farming practices and efficient production , whether it be machine presses or distillation, or the smooth running of the factory and the skilled production team.

David Njeru
General Manager
Fairoils Kenya

David Njeru has extensive experience in both the establishment and management of complicated factory operations and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Fairoils team. As General Manager David looks after the key factory operations in Athi River while also managing and liaising with the teams that source products from across Africa, as well as Fairoils commercial farming operations on the Kenyan Coast.

Matthias Kindermann
General Manager
Fairoils Belgium

Based in Germany, Matthias has a wealth of experience in the sourcing of cosmetic oils and plays a key role in the strategic sourcing, and sales of Fairoils products. Matthias has a keen eye for detail and is part of Fairoils management team and regularly travels to projects in Kenya, Madagascar as well Serbia to ensure Fairoils high quality standards are met and maintained. Matthias speaks German, English and French.